Hello, my name is Andrés Martínez, Immigration Attorney here at Bailey & Galyen. February is the month of love. But many Americans are not able to celebrate with their true love, because they may be found overseas.

Luckily, Bailey & Galyen can help you. We help many US Citizens petition for their wives or their fiancees with a K-Visa. The K-Visa process is a two-step process. The first, is to petition your spouse found overseas, or your fiancee with a fiance petition. Then, after a few months, once that petition is approved, you have 120 days to then do the consular processing step. In the consular processing step, your fiance or spouse would interview in the US Consulate in the country where they reside. After that, the fiance then gets approved and gets to come to the US. The applicant then has 90 days to marry the US Citizen. If the two parties marry, then they can apply for the Green Card.

Right now, K-Visas are very popular. Luckily, USCIS has shortened their time frames to expedite these processes. However, many people are filing for K-Visas, causing some delays.

I encourage you to visit with us so we can explore the K-Visa process. We have worked with many US Consular offices in many countries, and we can definitely help you get your loved one here.