Military PIP

Hello, my name is Andrés Martínez, Immigration attorney here at Bailey and Galyen. Today, I want to talk to you about Military Parole in Place, or PIP for short.

Military PIP allows a foreign national who entered the US without authorization to obtain status for one year. Parole is considered a lawful immigration status for purposes of certain immigration benefits, such as obtaining a Green card.

You may be eligible for PIP if you are the spouse, widow, parent, son or daughter of:

An active-duty member of the US armed forces;

An individual in the Selected Reserve or the Ready Reserve; or

A military veteran (living or deceased) so long as the service man or woman was not dishonorably discharged

The Trump administration is seeking to terminate the PIP program, so if you believe you are eligible, come see me to discuss your situation.

I encourage you to call our offices to schedule a consultation with me. Thank you.